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Index of words, starting with "ag"

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Urdu Meaning

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ترکی فوج کا افسر ۔
(1) - Aga (n.) Alt. of Agha


دوبارہ ۔ پھر سے ۔ ایک دفعہ اور ۔ علاوہ ازیں ۔
(1) - Again (prep.) Alt. of Agains
(2) - Again (adv.) Moreover; besides; further.
(3) - Again (adv.) On the other hand.
(4) - Again (adv.) In any other place.
(5) - Again (adv.) Once repeated; -- of quantity; as, as large again, half as much again.
(6) - Again (adv.) Another time; once more; anew.
(7) - Again (adv.) In return, back; as, bring us word again.


خلاف ۔ الٹا ۔ بمقابلہ ۔ برعکس ۔ آمنے سامنے ۔
(1) - Against (prep.) By of before the time that; in preparation for; so as to be ready for the time when.
(2) - Against (prep.) In opposition to, whether the opposition is of sentiment or of action; on the other side; counter to; in contrariety to; hence, adverse to; as, against reason; against law; to run a race against time.
(3) - Against (prep.) From an opposite direction so as to strike or come in contact with; in contact with; upon; as, hail beats against the roof.
(4) - Against (prep.) Abreast; opposite to; facing; towards; as, against the mouth of a river; -- in this sense often preceded by over.


ایک امریکن پرندہ ۔
(1) - Agami (n.) A South American bird (Psophia crepitans), allied to the cranes, and easily domesticated; -- called also the gold-breasted trumpeter. Its body is about the size of the pheasant. See Trumpeter.


حیوانات بے جنس ۔ بے جنسی ۔
(1) - Agamic (a.) Not having visible organs of reproduction, as flowerless plants; agamous.
(2) - Agamic (a.) Produced without sexual union; as, agamic or unfertilized eggs.

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