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کھٹ کھٹ ۔ تختوں کے ٹکرانے کی آواز ۔ بکواس کرنا ۔
(1) - Clack (v. t.) Continual or importunate talk; prattle; prating.
(2) - Clack (v. t.) Anything that causes a clacking noise, as the clapper of a mill, or a clack valve.
(3) - Clack (v. t.) A sharp, abrupt noise, or succession of noises, made by striking an object.
(4) - Clack (v. t.) To utter rapidly and inconsiderately.
(5) - Clack (v. t.) To cause to make a sudden, sharp noise, or succession of noises; to click.
(6) - Clack (n.) To utter words rapidly and continually, or with abruptness; to let the tongue run.
(7) - Clack (n.) To make a sudden, sharp noise, or a succesion of such noises, as by striking an object, or by collision of parts; to rattle; to click.


بکواس کرنے والا ۔
(1) - Clacker (n.) A claqueur. See Claqueur.
(2) - Clacker (n.) One who clacks; that which clacks; especially, the clapper of a mill.


ملبوس ۔
(1) - Clad () imp. & p. p. of Clothe.
(2) - Clad (v.t) To clothe.
(3) - Clad () of Clothe


دعویدار ہونا ۔ مطالبہ کرنا ۔ طلب کرنا ۔ حق جتانا ۔ درخواست کرنا ۔
(1) - Claim (n.) A loud call.
(2) - Claim (n.) The thing claimed or demanded; that (as land) to which any one intends to establish a right; as a settler's claim; a miner's claim.
(3) - Claim (n.) A right to claim or demand something; a title to any debt, privilege, or other thing in possession of another; also, a title to anything which another should give or concede to, or confer on, the claimant.
(4) - Claim (n.) A demand of a right or supposed right; a calling on another for something due or supposed to be due; an assertion of a right or fact.
(5) - Claim (v. i.) To be entitled to anything; to deduce a right or title; to have a claim.
(6) - Claim (v./.) To assert; to maintain.
(7) - Claim (v./.) To call or name.
(8) - Claim (v./.) To proclaim.
(9) - Claim (v./.) To ask for, or seek to obtain, by virtue of authority, right, or supposed right; to challenge as a right; to demand as due.


قابل مطالبہ ۔ دعوے کے قابل ۔
(1) - Claimable (a.) Capable of being claimed.

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