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قمری اور شمسی مہینے کا فرق ۔ یکم جنوری کو قمری مہینے کی تاریخ ۔
(1) - Epact (n.) The moon's age at the beginning of the calendar year, or the number of days by which the last new moon has preceded the beginning of the year.


جبا جو سپاہیوں یا افسروں کی وردی میں شانہ پر لگا ہوتا ہے ۔
(1) - Epaulet (n.) Alt. of Epaulette


ایک کیڑا جسکی زندگی ایک دن کی ہے ۔ عارضی شے ۔ ایک روز کا بخار ۔
(1) - Ephemera (pl. ) of Ephemeron
(2) - Ephemera (n.) A genus of insects including the day flies, or ephemeral flies. See Ephemeral fly, under Ephemeral.
(3) - Ephemera (n.) A fever of one day's continuance only.


ایک دن کا ۔ ایک روز ۔ چند روزہ ۔
(1) - Ephemeral (n.) Anything lasting but a day, or a brief time; an ephemeral plant, insect, etc.
(2) - Ephemeral (a.) Short-lived; existing or continuing for a short time only.
(3) - Ephemeral (a.) Beginning and ending in a day; existing only, or no longer than, a day; diurnal; as, an ephemeral flower.


روزنامچہ ۔ سیارگان ۔ تقویم ۔
(1) - Ephemeris (n.) A collective name for reviews, magazines, and all kinds of periodical literature.
(2) - Ephemeris (n.) Any tabular statement of the assigned places of a heavenly body, as a planet or comet, on several successive days.
(3) - Ephemeris (n.) A publication giving the computed places of the heavenly bodies for each day of the year, with other numerical data, for the use of the astronomer and navigator; an astronomical almanac; as, the "American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac."
(4) - Ephemeris (n.) A diary; a journal.

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