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Index of words, starting with "kn"

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سلیقہ ، ۔ طریقہ ۔ خاص ادا ۔
(1) - Knack (n.) Something performed, or to be done, requiring aptness and dexterity; a trick; a device.
(2) - Knack (n.) A readiness in performance; aptness at doing something; skill; facility; dexterity.
(3) - Knack (n.) A petty contrivance; a toy; a plaything; a knickknack.
(4) - Knack (v. i.) To speak affectedly.
(5) - Knack (v. i.) To crack; to make a sharp, abrupt noise to chink.


ایسا شخص جو ناکارہ گھوڑوں کو خرید کر ذبح کرتا ہے ۔
(1) - Knacker (n.) One who slaughters worn-out horses and sells their flesh for dog's meat.
(2) - Knacker (n.) a harness maker.
(3) - Knacker (n.) One of two or more pieces of bone or wood held loosely between the fingers, and struck together by moving the hand; -- called also clapper.
(4) - Knacker (n.) One who makes knickknacks, toys, etc.


خاص ڈھب سے کام کرنے والا ۔
(1) - Knacky (a.) Having a knack; cunning; crafty; trickish.


سطح مرتفع ۔ سڑک کیلئے پتھر توڑنا ۔


بقچہ ۔ تھیلا ۔
(1) - Knapsack (v. t.) A case of canvas or leather, for carrying on the back a soldier's necessaries, or the clothing, etc., of a traveler.

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