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Index of words, starting with "ny"

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رتوندی ۔ آنکھ کی بیماری جے میں تیز روشنی اچھی نہ لگے ۔
(1) - Nyctalopia (n.) See Moonblink.
(2) - Nyctalopia (n.) A disease of the eye, in consequence of which the patient can see well in a faint light or at twilight, but is unable to see during the day or in a strong light; day blindness.


شب گرد ۔ رات کو ایک سمت میں مڑ جانے والا ۔
(1) - Nyctitropic (a.) Turning or bending at night into special positions.


نیل گائے ۔


نائلون ۔


پہاڑ ۔ حور ۔
(1) - Nymph (n.) Any one of a subfamily (Najades) of butterflies including the purples, the fritillaries, the peacock butterfly, etc.; -- called also naiad.
(2) - Nymph (n.) The pupa of an insect; a chrysalis.
(3) - Nymph (n.) A lovely young girl; a maiden; a damsel.
(4) - Nymph (n.) A goddess of the mountains, forests, meadows, or waters.

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