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Urdu Meaning

English Meaning


بیضوی ۔
(1) - Ova (pl. ) of Ovum
(2) - Ova (n. pl.) See Ovum.


کوئی بیضوی شکل کی چیز ۔
(1) - Oval (n.) A body or figure in the shape of an egg, or popularly, of an ellipse.
(2) - Oval (a.) Broadly elliptical.
(3) - Oval (a.) Having the figure of an egg; oblong and curvilinear, with one end broader than the other, or with both ends of about the same breadth; in popular usage, elliptical.
(4) - Oval (a.) Of or pertaining to eggs; done in the egg, or inception; as, oval conceptions.


بیضہ دان ۔ رحم ۔
(1) - Ovary (n.) The essential female reproductive organ in which the ova are produced. See Illust. of Discophora.
(2) - Ovary (n.) That part of the pistil which contains the seed, and in most flowering plants develops into the fruit. See Illust. of Flower.


بیضوی ۔
(1) - Ovate (a.) Having the shape of an egg, or of the longitudinal sectior of an egg, with the broader end basal.
(2) - Ovate (a.) Shaped like an egg, with the lower extremity broadest.


زور شور کا استقبال ۔
(1) - Ovation (n.) Hence: An expression of popular homage; the tribute of the multitude to a public favorite.
(2) - Ovation (n.) A lesser kind of triumph allowed to a commander for an easy, bloodless victory, or a victory over slaves.

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