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Urdu Meaning

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جبرا پیسے وصول کرنا ۔


منظم استحصال بالجبر ۔


بھدے پن سے رنگنا ۔ سرخ مٹی سے رنگنا ۔ لال غارہ ملنا ۔
(1) - Raddle (v. t.) To mark or paint with, or as with, raddle.
(2) - Raddle (n.) A red pigment used in marking sheep, and in some mechanical processes; ruddle.
(3) - Raddle (v. t.) To interweave or twist together.
(4) - Raddle (n.) An instrument consisting of a wooden bar, with a row of upright pegs set in it, used by domestic weavers to keep the warp of a proper width, and prevent tangling when it is wound upon the beam of the loom.
(5) - Raddle (n.) A hedge or fence made with raddles; -- called also raddle hedge.
(6) - Raddle (n.) A long, flexible stick, rod, or branch, which is interwoven with others, between upright posts or stakes, in making a kind of hedge or fence.


شعاعی ۔ کرنی ۔ نصف قطری ۔
(1) - Radial (a.) Of or pertaining to a radius or ray; consisting of, or like, radii or rays; radiated; as, (Bot.) radial projections; (Zool.) radial vessels or canals; (Anat.) the radial artery.


نصف قطری ی صورت میں ۔ شعاعی ترتیب سے ۔
(1) - Radially (adv.) In a radial manner.