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Index of words, starting with "up"

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اوپر ۔ بالا ۔ اوپر کی طرف ۔ اوپر تک ۔
(1) - Up (a.) Inclining up; tending or going up; upward; as, an up look; an up grade; the up train.
(2) - Up (n.) The state of being up or above; a state of elevation, prosperity, or the like; -- rarely occurring except in the phrase ups and downs.
(3) - Up (prep.) Upon.
(4) - Up (prep.) From the coast towards the interior of, as a country; from the mouth towards the source of, as a stream; as, to journey up the country; to sail up the Hudson.
(5) - Up (prep.) From a lower to a higher place on, upon, or along; at a higher situation upon; at the top of.
(6) - Up (adv.) Aside, so as not to be in use; as, to lay up riches; put up your weapons.
(7) - Up (adv.) To or in a state of completion; completely; wholly; quite; as, in the phrases to eat up; to drink up; to burn up; to sum up; etc.; to shut up the eyes or the mouth; to sew up a rent.
(8) - Up (adv.) To or in a position of equal advance or equality; not short of, back of, less advanced than, away from, or the like; -- usually followed by to or with; as, to be up to the chin in water; to come up with one's companions; to come up with the enemy; to live up to engagements.
(9) - Up (adv.) In a higher place or position, literally or figuratively; in the state of having arisen; in an upright, or nearly upright, position; standing; mounted on a horse; in a condition of elevation, prominence, advance, proficiency, excitement, insurrection, or the like; -- used with verbs of rest, situation, condition, and the like; as, to be up on a hill; the lid of the box was up; prices are up.
(10) - Up (adv.) From a lower to a higher position, literally or figuratively; as, from a recumbent or sitting position; from the mouth, toward the source, of a river; from a dependent or inferior condition; from concealment; from younger age; from a quiet state, or the like; -- used with verbs of motion expressed or implied.
(11) - Up (adv.) Aloft; on high; in a direction contrary to that of gravity; toward or in a higher place or position; above; -- the opposite of down.


ملک جاوا کا ایک درخت جس سے تیز زہر آلود کیے جاتے ہیں ۔ سمیت ۔
(1) - Upas (n.) A virulent poison used in Java and the adjacent islands for poisoning arrows. One kind, upas antiar, is, derived from upas tree (Antiaris toxicaria). Upas tieute is prepared from a climbing plant (Strychnos Tieute).
(2) - Upas (n.) A tree (Antiaris toxicaria) of the Breadfruit family, common in the forests of Java and the neighboring islands. Its secretions are poisonous, and it has been fabulously reported that the atmosphere about it is deleterious. Called also bohun upas.


ملامت کرنا ۔ سرزنش کرنا ۔ جھڑکنا ۔
(1) - Upbraid (n.) The act of reproaching; contumely.
(2) - Upbraid (v. i.) To utter upbraidings.
(3) - Upbraid (v. t.) To object or urge as a matter of reproach; to cast up; -- with to before the person.
(4) - Upbraid (v. t.) To treat with contempt.
(5) - Upbraid (v. t.) To reprove severely; to rebuke; to chide.
(6) - Upbraid (v. t.) To charge with something wrong or disgraceful; to reproach; to cast something in the teeth of; -- followed by with or for, and formerly of, before the thing imputed.


سرزنش ۔ ملامت ۔
(1) - Upbraiding (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Upbraid


جھڑکیاں دیتے ہوئے ۔

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