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Nowadays, you will come across many so-called ERP applications, being sold by non-professional freshers. These immature downloaded scripts usually have repetitive basic features without detailed reports and viewing options. Although MBS Cloud Accounting cannot not be compared with these fake applications still we assure you will find our application much better than these cheap scripts. It has been developed under the supervision of renowned industry professional, Mr. Shahid Arif, who not only has decades of experience in the field of many programming languages and trending database tools, but also has extensive knowledge of global financial and taxation systems. An extraordinary R&D team and technical manpower deeply versed in general accounting, inventory and business management practices have worked on the project. You will witness automation and ease of use at every stage of data input as well as very deep integration of modules and features in the reporting section too, InShaALLAH.

To protect this unique gem from being copied, we are not sharing its screenshots or demos publicly. Only serious and important representatives of registered business organizations will be given access to live demonstration on submission of application form with genuine information.