MBS Multi-Level Yarn Trading

MBS Multi-Level Yarn Trading

Complete Accounting Software for Yarn Brokers / Traders

Complete Accounting Software for Yarn Brokers / Traders

The software is designed specially to fulfill requirements of Yarn Brokers, Traders of Yarn and an Agent of Yarn (Textile) Mill. All the reports are customized as per current standard of business.

Accounting module offers user to open an account in much categorized manners. Subsidiary account can be opened at any level of account. Receipt & Payments can be recorded by specific bill number.

Purchase / Sale Order, Delivery & Return registers can be filtered by Date, Buyer, Seller, Broker, Item, Payment Term, Quantity & Rate. Orders registers can be categorized by Pending Only, Completed Only, Canceled only or can be printed all orders register by date. Orders module is integrated with inventory to maintain orders history automatically. Account of parties can be categorized by Trading, Cartage, Commission, and Rate Difference through inventory module.

The software maintains both Bags & Weight (Lbs) units up to Stock Ledger & Stock Report. User can add extra information such as Delivery Address, Special Condition, Dispatch Address, Time, Mode of Transportation, Vehicle #, Marks & Numbers, Remarks ETC on each purchase / sale delivery / return. User can also specify seller in sales as well as buyer in purchase.

Brokerage system of software maintained as per standard of market like Commission Bill against Bill Amount or against the cleared amount.

Sales Tax module allow user to print S.Tax Invoice, Sales / Purchases Registers & Summaries. Accounting module of package is integrated with all other modules in depth up to Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.

The software is verified and in use by some big names of business here in Karachi - Pakistan.

Builtin Modules

  • Accounts
  • Inventory
  • Sales Tax
  • Orders
  • Brokerage


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Unique Features in our Product

  • Multi-Level Chart of Account
  • Sales Tax & Brokerage Integrated Inventory Module
  • Customized Reports based on Business Standards
  • Easiest but Comprehensive Accounting Module

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